Free Ethereum from Ethereum Faucets

Here are a list of some of the best free Ethereum faucets we could find.  Please note that you can store your Ethereum on, which is the backend wallet for most of these faucets.  You should eventually get an offline wallet on your home computer.

Ethereum logo for free ethereumHot Coins – you can claim 150-300 every 5 minutes.  It seems to be random and not based on time.  The winnings are saved on their site, but you can transfer to Faucet Hub instantly once you get over 1000 Sat, which should take less than 20 minutes.

 DayuzArce – 100 sat every 5 minutes (or a minuscule chance to get 1000) A little weird, but consistent with a decent payout.
Faucet – Exactly the same as DayuzArce, but only pays 50 sat.  No relation to the wallet/exchange.

Ethereum FaucetDump – Not a great reward and takes a while for a payout, but it’s reputable.


Kmine – This used to be my favorite, but they’ve changed things and made it difficult to pass all the verifications, so it’s gotten annoying to use.  Still pays out and is reputable, but others are easier to use.

Please note that payout amounts can change, based on the current price of Ethereum.  As prices go up, the amount you can collect goes down, so start collecting now!

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