Free Cryptocurrency Faucets

Here are a list of some of the best free coin faucets we could find, with pros and cons of each.  Although there are many types of currencies like Bitcoin, we’ve focused on the ones that we feel have the best future.

The Best

Moon Bitcoin
Moon Dogecoin
Moon Litecoin
Moon Dash

Easy to use and you can get a payout every 5 minutes. The amount you can get increases over time, but slows down depending on how long you wait. If you wait an hour, the total amount won’t be as much as if you went in every 5 minutes. The MOON sites use to store the coins you mine. The threshold of savings is fairly low and you can get your coins out fairly quickly. You can also transfer between coins so you can exchange to one type of coin to hit the threshold even quicker. With the bonuses they have, I’ve been able to get payouts every week or less.


  • Easy to use
  • Frequent Payouts
  • Uses Coinpot
  • Can use pop-up blockers on the site
  • Worthwhile Amounts
  • Decent Bonuses


  • Uses ReCaptcha, which slows down and messes up the more you use it.
  • Has special additional bonuses on the Bitcoin site only.
  • Bonus starts over if you miss a day.


The Good

Sister site of FreeBitcoin, so very similar. Collect every hour. The threshold for payout is better than FreeBitcoin. I’ve already had several payouts in the last month.


  • Worthwhile Amounts
  • You can swith from ReCaptcha to SolveMedia Captcha, which is considerably less annoying.
  • Nice referral bonus
  • Can use pop-up blockers on the site
  • Legit site with payouts.


  • Amount doesn’t grow over time.
  • You can lose your coin quickly in the multiplier game!


Free Blackcoin – You need to solve a math problem to claim





Barely Worth It

Easy enough to use, but the payouts are small and it takes a while to get to the payout threshold. These are Faucet Dump websites and the only ones I’ve found so far to have any merit.


  • Easy to use
  • Legit – I have gotten a payment. It took a week to actually receive it, but it did show up eventually.


  • Uses ReCaptcha, which slows down and messes up the more you use it.
  • Low payouts and high thresholds.
  • Low referral bonus


*I’m continually testing and evaluating faucets. It takes some time to build up to the payout threshold. I want to verify payoff (or not) before adding them to this list.

Please note that payout amounts can change, based on the current price of each coin.  As prices go up, the amount you can collect goes down, so start collecting now!

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